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VioGenesis is a Greek company based in Athens which specializes in the production of functional products, perfectly harmonized with the strict European standards and the evolution of science.

The purpose of VioGenesis is to responsibly provide innovative products and unique compositions that contribute to well-being and optimal human health, ensuring a better quality of life in a natural way.

In our products we use innovative pharmaceutical forms: tablets, capsules, pellets, depot, enteric coated, lozenges, softgels, powder, liquid, thus ensuring the maximum possible absorption and bioavailability. All nutrient reference values (% NRV) are harmonized with the regulation of the European Union.


Product packaging

Most of the packages of VioGenesis products are in the form of Blister cards. These are isolated pockets in which each capsule, tablet or softgel is isolated separately.

This process ensures to avoid the oxidation of the components, the maximum activity of the ingredients, the avoidance of contact with germs as well as the avoidance of moisture (eg contact with hands) after opening each pouch (Blister).

The other products are packed in opaque cans, tightly closed with a safety tape in order to avoid exposure to sunlight that may otherwise cause oxidation of the components.


Certified Quality & Control

The products are produced and packaged in one of the most modern factories in Germany based in Regensburg.

All product dossiers are assigned to be tested for safety and efficacy, in the organization of the UBF research center in Berlin.

All products have a Free Sale Certificate and are notified to the National Organization for Medicines (EOF).

The certificates of the factory include certificates such as ÖKO with number DE-ÖKO-070 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ensuring the most reliable production conditions and highlighting the high quality and efficiency of the products in each batch of the products.



VioGenesis’s vision is to constantly expand its product range, with quality and functional formulations, providing an increasing range of options aiming to meet the needs of modern man for a balanced life.

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