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Natura Siberica

It is an innovative cosmetics company founded by Andrey Trubnikov in 2007.Now it is world recognized and is the first company to develop organic cosmetics from wild herbs,grasses and plants from Siberia and the Far East.In fact,the idea of Natura Siberica was born in 1940.At this time,two famous botanists from Russia,Lazarev and Brekhram,studied 4,000 plants that thrive in the Siberian and Far East Desert.Many of these plants have been used throughout the years by Siberian people to create a health and beauty elixir for the Russian royal family.The particular feature of these plants is that they survived the Ice Age and were able to thrive in difficult conditions.Siberia is known for its complex climatic conditions:extremely cold winters(up to -57C)alternate with hot summers(up to 35C)and strong winds.Lazarev and Brekhram have discovered that these plants,under these difficult conditions,have developed special features that are particularly helpful in improving our overall health condition and,most importantly,slow down the aging process of the skin.Natura Siberica used these essential herbs and plants as key ingredients and developed a unique and effective series of certified organic cosmetics from ICEA. ICEA is the leading organic certification organization in Italy.All this explains why the reputation of cosmetics from Natura Siberica in just a few years has grown considerably,while at the same time it is considered the leading cosmetics company in Russia and its products are sold in most European countries,America,Japan,Russia,Turkey,Germany,Sweden and Spain

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