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The History of Novalac
Once upon a time there was a group of Pediatricians, Pharmacists and Researchers, who loved their children very much and wanted to take care of their proper nutrition.
But what does proper infant nutrition mean? To answer this question, they observed many different families with young children. What they found was that most infant formulas did provide the babies with the nutrition and vitamins they needed, but they did not help with the problems that plagued them, such as diarrhea, constipation, colic and bloating. On the contrary, there were times when the problem was exacerbated by drinking too much powdered milk.

Thanks to this team of Researchers, Pediatricians and Pharmacists, new types of milk were developed. Types that on the one hand provided all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth, but on the other hand, took care of the small "worries" of the baby.
And that was the point at which Novalac's first product group was created.
Novalac milk was no longer a baby milk. It was a milk created to suit every baby. Novalac milks have a special composition, which helps to solve these common, infant problems and give babies a healthy and proper nutrition.

Today, Novalac milk formulas can be found all over the world and have helped millions of babies from different walks of life for over 20 years.
Novalac milks can be found exclusively in all pharmacies.

The Quality of Novalac Products
The creation and control of each product of the Novalac series has been assigned to an Interdisciplinary Team of Pediatricians, Chemists, Pediatricians and Special Engineers.
The aim of the group is to suggest effective nutritional solutions to situations and problems that an infant may encounter during the first year of life and to ensure its comfortable and optimal development.

For each clinical situation, the Novalac Interdisciplinary Team performs a series of thorough analyzes to support the delivery of infant milk, with the most up-to-date scientific findings.
Novalac high quality products are the specially tailored solutions to issues that afflict the digestive system of most babies.
Novalac's research, study and operation comply with European and International Rules for infant formula and baby health products. Novalac products are available almost all over the world. Thus, Novalac contributes to the development of millions of children from all walks of life.

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